What is important

If you've every wondered how to approach alphabet activities with your toddler who won't sit still. Wondered how to fill the time before preschool without tiring or after preschool without encouraging a melt down . If you're looking for activities using everyday items around your home that encourage different results. No temptation to finish off projects. You're wanting active activities. No pencil and paper activities.

This ebook and accompanying audios teach you

  • which letters to focus on first so you can start right
  • sensory play activities so your children can play creatively without thinking they are working on play
  • inexpensive alphabet activities so you can start today with Valerie Deen of Frugal family fun blog
  • 6 mistakes to avoid when teaching or learning the alphabet so you can teach and play with confidence that your child will not have to relearn in times to come
  • 9 things parents should do and know about teaching the alphabet so you can enjoy the process without missing crucial steps and integrate ideas seamlessly in your play planning from Deborah Steward of Teach Preschool
  • alphabet sounds vs letter names, thoughts on handwriting and hand position with Amy Mascot of Teachmama. So you can stress less with a good foundation and enjoy playful alphabet experiences secure in the knowledge that you're heading in the right direction



Alison McDonald of NoTimeForFlashcards.com produced Alphabet Craft Activities ebook. It's the perfect companion to the everyday alphabet activities ebook and audios as her book is a crafted based focused alphabet activities. This ebook retails at $8 . We offer an exclusive 50% coupon code.

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Melitsa enjoys connecting like-minded playful people together and cofounded the Raising Playful Tots Index of the Top 100 playful people around the world, as a resource for parents looking to find exciting and innovative play ideas quickly and easily. She's appeared on The Denver Channel 7 news in 2010. Read more...